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Welcome to my Railroad Blog

This blog captures ramblings about my railroading interests and efforts to model it. It is also a place to gather up notes I have on numerous scraps of paper but can never find when I need them! I’ll be posting about N scale modelling, particularly in small layouts with limited time available. I’m exploring hand laying N scale track and building small layouts of increasing complexity.

To the Railroading Blog

G’day! I’m Steve Cox (Coxy)

I’m very interested in US railroads, particularly in the southwest of the United States. I grew up in Australia and I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1995 in part to indulge my railroading  interests.

Ironically, since that time, I’ve had a busy career, gotten married and I have two young children. All of which, really curtailed my hobby. Common story, right!

Anyway, I’m starting to get back into modelling more regularly, hence the blog. I’ll post my thoughts on US railroading as it relates to my modelling interests.

Along the way, I’m also pretty interested to see how my kids respond to my modelling. My wife is convinced I’m ‘turning my son into a train nut’ but I’m not so sure that’s even possible.

To the Railroading Blog

N Scale

I’ve been modeling in N scale for about 30 years having ditched HO scale for the advantages of N at the age of eleven. I’m interested in emulating modern operations. N scale is more about modelling trains than modelling individual cars or units. That matches up which how I rail fan - watching trains.

I think N scale has some big advantages over HO despite the number of people who choose to model in HO. Among them are train length, broad radius curves and staging yards that hold long trains, plenty of them and are only a foot or so wide. Eventually, I would like to explore computer control of the layout and trains.

Enjoy the site, leave a comment or two, then go back to making something for your layout!

To the Railroading Blog